How to Fill CUET-UG 2024 Online Registration Form: Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction to How to Fill CUET_UG 2024 Online Registration Form.

Filling out the online registration form for CUET_UG 2024 is a crucial step towards pursuing higher education. This guide aims to provide comprehensive instructions, ensuring a seamless application process for aspiring candidates

1. Understanding the Instructions

Before initiating the application process, candidates must thoroughly understand the instructions provided in the Information Bulletin available on the NTA Website. The bulletin contains vital information regarding eligibility criteria, reservation policies, and procedural guidelines. Neglecting these instructions could lead to disqualification, underscoring the importance of careful scrutiny.

2. Application Mode

CUET (UG) – 2024 mandates the usage of the online mode for application submission. This streamlined approach ensures efficiency and accessibility, enabling candidates to complete the process from the comfort of their homes.

3. Accessing the Application Form

The application form is accessible exclusively through the NTA website: Candidates should navigate to the designated portal to commence the registration process.

4. Instructions for Filling Online Application Form

4.1 Preparing Beforehand

Prior to initiating the application, candidates are advised to peruse the prospectus displayed on the university’s website. This document provides insights into the courses offered, eligibility criteria, and admission procedures, empowering candidates to make informed decisions. Download Information Broucher from here.

4.2 Downloading Essential Documents

Downloading the Information Bulletin and Replica of the Application Form is essential. These documents serve as invaluable resources, offering detailed instructions and clarifications regarding the application process. Candidates should meticulously review these documents to ensure adherence to guidelines.

5. Step-by-Step Process 

1.Registration Form
2.Application Form
3.Fee Payment
Table for Showing Steps Of Registration Process

5.1 Registration Form

The registration process begins with the completion of the Registration Form. Candidates are required to furnish personal details accurately, ensuring alignment with official documents. Upon submission, a system-generated Application Number is provided, serving as a unique identifier throughout the application process.

5.2 Application Form

Once registered, candidates proceed to complete the Application Form. This step involves providing comprehensive details regarding educational qualifications, university/programme selection, and test paper preferences. Additionally, candidates must upload scanned images of their photograph and signature, adhering to specified guidelines to facilitate seamless processing.

5.3 Fee Payment

Completion of the Application Form culminates in the payment of the requisite examination fee. Candidates are presented with various online payment options, including Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, or UPI. Upon successful payment, a Confirmation Page is generated, signifying the culmination of the application process.

6. Verification and Confirmation

After completing the application, candidates must meticulously verify all entered information for accuracy. Any discrepancies could have adverse implications, underscoring the importance of thorough scrutiny. Once verified, candidates proceed to confirm their application, ensuring adherence to specified guidelines.

7. Communication Details

Providing accurate communication details is imperative to facilitate seamless correspondence throughout the application process. Candidates should ensure that their email address and mobile number are up-to-date to receive timely updates and notifications

8. Final Submission

Before final submission, candidates must review all entered details to preempt any errors or inaccuracies. NTA does not entertain requests for modifications post-submission, emphasizing the significance of diligent review.

9. Examination Centre and Admit Card

Upon successful application, candidates are issued an Admit Card detailing their designated examination centre, date, and time. It is imperative to adhere to these specifications to ensure a smooth examination experience.


Navigating the online registration process for CUET_UG 2024 demands meticulous attention to detail and adherence to guidelines. By following the outlined steps diligently, candidates can streamline their application process, paving the way for a promising academic journey. CUET-UG Important for BCA Admission.

Can I fill the application form offline?

No, the application must be completed online through the designated portal to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Is there an option to edit details after submission?

No, candidates are advised to thoroughly review all entered details before final submission as post-submission modifications are not permitted.

What should I do if I encounter errors while uploading documents?

Ensure that the documents adhere to specified format and size guidelines to avoid errors. In case of discrepancies, contact the designated helpline for assistance.

How can I verify the successful submission of my application?

A Confirmation Page will be generated upon successful payment of the fee, signifying the completion of the application process.

What should I do if I don’t receive my Admit Card?

Candidates should regularly check the NTA website and their registered email for updates and communication regarding the Admit Card.

Are there any provisions for candidates with special needs?

Yes, candidates with disabilities are required to upload relevant documents such as PwD Certificate during the application process. Additional accommodations may be provided upon request.

What documents are required for application submission?

Candidates are required to upload scanned images of their photograph, signature, and any relevant documents as per the specified guidelines. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in application rejection.

Is there a provision for fee waiver?

No, all candidates are required to pay the prescribed examination fee as per the guidelines. Fee waivers are not applicable.

Can I apply for multiple courses simultaneously?

Yes, candidates can indicate their preferences for multiple courses during the application process. However, they must ensure eligibility for each selected course.

What should I do if I face technical difficulties during the application process?

In case of technical issues or difficulties, candidates are advised to contact the NTA Helpdesk at the designated email address or helpline numbers provided in the Information Bulletin for prompt assistance.

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