Understanding the Impact of CUET-UG Entrance Examination on College Admissions in 2023

Introduction to Impact of CUET-UG Entrance Examination on College Admissions in 2023

In the year 2023, the educational landscape in India witnessed a monumental change with the introduction of the Common University Entrance Test for Undergraduates (CUET-UG). Designed to streamline the college admissions process, CUET-UG brought with it a promise of efficiency and standardization. However, this transformative initiative also inadvertently gave rise to a significant challenge – a surge in vacant seats across esteemed colleges. One glaring reason behind this phenomenon is the lack of awareness among students regarding the CUET-UG examination at the undergraduate level. This article aims to delve deep into the repercussions of CUET-UG on college admissions in 2023 and propose solutions to address the issue of empty seats.

Impact of CUET-UG Entrance Examination on College Admissions in 2023

Factors Contributing to Empty Seats

The advent of CUET-UG marked a paradigm shift in the traditional college admission process. While its intentions were noble, several unforeseen factors emerged, leading to a substantial number of vacant seats in numerous prestigious colleges.

1. Lack of Awareness

One of the most prominent contributors to the high number of empty seats is the glaring lack of awareness among students, especially those hailing from remote areas of the country. Many eligible candidates remain uninformed about the CUET-UG examination, and consequently, they do not apply, leading to unfilled seats in colleges

2. Absence of Formal Education on CUET

It is disheartening to note that neither schools nor educational boards, including CBSE, NCTE, UGC, NTA, ISCE, and state boards, have taken adequate measures to inform or prepare students for the CUET-UG examination. This absence of formal education on CUET leaves many potential candidates in the dark about this vital opportunity.

Colleges Grappling with Empty Seats

Several esteemed colleges, which were once sought-after institutions for higher education, are now facing the daunting challenge of empty seats in their classrooms. Here is an overview of some of these colleges and their respective numbers:

1.M.K.P College, Dehradun

  • Empty Seats: 1415
  • Admissions: 75

2.D.A.V P.G College, Dehradun

  • Empty Seats: 3815
  • Admissions: 2270

3.D.B.S College, Dehradun

  • Empty Seats: 860
  • Admissions: 320

4.S.G.R.R P.G College, Dehradun

  • Empty Seats: 650
  • Admissions: 251

5. H.N.B Garhwal University Campus, Srinagar

  • Empty Seats: 2273
  • Admissions: 923

6. Tehri Govt. College, Tehri

  • Empty Seats: 1175
  • Admissions: 165

Proposed Solutions

To mitigate the issue of empty seats and ensure a fair and inclusive admission process, several measures need to be implemented:

1. Comprehensive Awareness Campaigns

Government bodies, educational boards, and colleges should collaborate to launch extensive awareness campaigns about CUET-UG. These campaigns should target not only urban areas but also remote regions where students may have limited access to information.

2. Incorporating CUET Preparation in Curriculum

Schools must be mandated to incorporate CUET-UG preparation modules into the curriculum for students in Std 11 and 12. This will ensure that students are well-informed and adequately prepared to take the examination alongside their board exams

3. Mandatory CUET Application Submission

Schools should be obliged to facilitate the CUET-UG application process for their students, ensuring that every eligible candidate has the opportunity to apply.


The CUET-UG examination, while a commendable step towards a standardized admission process, has inadvertently led to empty seats in numerous colleges due to the lack of awareness among students. By implementing comprehensive awareness campaigns, incorporating CUET-UG preparation into the curriculum, and mandating schools to facilitate the application process, we can address this issue and ensure a more inclusive and effective admission process for the future. It is imperative that stakeholders in education come together to bridge this awareness gap and pave the way for a brighter future for aspiring college students.

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