B.Sc(IT) Introduction: Digital Significance

Explore B.Sc(IT) in the digital era and its relevance to Make in India.

Discover the crucial role of B.Sc(IT) in the digital age and its alignment with the Make in India initiative, showcasing its significance.

Minimum Eligibility for B.Sc(IT)

To pursue B.Sc(IT), ensure a minimum 45% marks in 12th grade from any board or equivalent for all categories of applicants.

Entrance Exam for B.Sc(IT) Admission

Compulsory entrance exam for B.Sc(IT) admission.

Entrance exams are mandatory for B.Sc(IT) admissions, testing aspirants' aptitude and skills in information technology.

CUET-UG Application Release

CUET-UG forms available every Febrauary - March.

CUET-UG application forms for B.Sc(IT) admissions typically release in Febrauary second week -March last week each year, marking the beginning of the admission process.

Participating University Types 

Central, State, Deemed, Private, and Other Universities. 

Various university types participate in CUET-UG 2024, offering B.Sc(IT) courses 

Course Selection Compulsory 

B.Sc(IT) course choice ensures admission to affiliated colleges 

Opting for B.Sc(IT) guarantees admission to affiliated colleges within chosen universities. 

Check Registration Forms 

Regularly visit CUET website for forms 

Keep      visiting https://cuet.samarth.ac.in/ for CUET-UG registration forms or contact      universities for details.

Scholarships for CUET-UG Qualifier

Up to 30% scholarships for CUET-UG qualifiers.

CUET-UG qualifiers for B.Sc(IT) can avail scholarships up to 30% in prestigious universities and affiliated Colleges 

Approach the Affiliated College

Post CUET-UG, approach affiliated colleges for B.Sc(IT) admission.

After CUET-UG results, approach colleges affiliated with your chosen university offering B.Sc(IT) to initiate the admission process.

Complete Documental Formalities for Admission

Fulfill all required paperwork and formalities to secure admission into the B.Sc(IT) program.

Embark on Your Digital Journey

Start your educational journey with B.Sc(IT).

Congratulations! You've begun your journey into the world of digital education through B.Sc(IT). Prepare for a fulfilling career in information technology.