Anurag Dobhal's Educational Endeavor

From Dehradun to Big Boss 17 House

Anurag Dobhal, the creative force behind the YouTube channel 'UK 07 Rider,' hails from the serene district of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Explore how his educational background has shaped his path as a prominent content creator.

Early Education at Max International School ( 10th ) 

Building Foundation

Anurag Dobhal kickstarted his educational journey at Max International School, Dehradun. Here, he laid the initial bricks of knowledge that would later become the cornerstone of his academic pursuits.

Nurturing Ambitions at  S G R R Public School( 12th ) 

Exploring New Horizon

Progressing to S G R R Public School, Anurag delved into the world of commerce. His time here not only enriched his academic repertoire but also instilled a passion for learning that continues to drive him today.

Graduation Milestone at D.A.V P.G College

Academic Achievement

Anurag's journey reached a significant milestone at D.A.V P.G College, Dehradun. His graduation marked a pivotal moment, providing him with a deeper understanding of his Commerce field.

Embracing the Dream of Teaching ( B.Ed )

The Dream Takes Shape

Anurag's aspiration to become a teacher led him to Doon Ghati (P.G) College, Dehradun. Here, he honed the skills and knowledge needed to inspire future generations.

The YouTuber with a Rich Educational Background

Where Education Meets Passion

Anurag Dobhal, the man behind the UK 07 Rider channel, is not only a passionate YouTuber and Big Boss 17 Contestant  but also an individual with a solid educational foundation. His academic journey has played a crucial role in shaping his identity and pursuits.